The winter cook book from REWE contains over 150 recipes on 192 pages. The clue: this book takes you through the whole winter. Visually and recipewise.


Waiting for the Winter

The book starts in November,
when you are craving brussels sprouts and chestnusts. It becomes cold outside and you just want to cuddle up under a big blanket. Nights get longer, skies turn gray.
So do the motifs.

The books were sold in over 3.000 REWE markets allover Germany.


Winter has come

The second chapter is about that time of the year,

when all the festivities take place. When it gets classy
and the tables are close to bursting. Roast pork and duck

are the main actors in this part of the book. This chapter

is visually the darkest and most elegant.


Waiting for the Winter to go away

The third chapter takes place, when you can't stand
the winterly ingredients anymore. It starts to get slightly warmer
and brighter outside, so do the motifs. The recepies are more
experimental and inspired.

Patricia Darlison,

Raik Holst,

Marie-Therese Humer,

Sandra Lindner,

Eliane Neubert,

Gesche Sander,

Andrea Thode,

Stephan Thurmann