In 2015 we rebranded one of the biggest Supermarket chains in Germany turning from a rational to an emotional brand. We went from a clean look and perfect food to imperfect, fun and colorful photography  — and found a magazine with no stock but all love. 

"Frisch&Gut" (fresh&good) has 60 Pages and is published quarterly with 4 m copies. In case you're wondering: that's a lot for Germany.

Supervision of 65 editorial

spreads for "Frisch&Gut".

"Dear Frisch&Gut, I simply have to gratulate you. It's the second time now, that I hold this magazine in my hands and I'm simply blown away. Fantastic recipes, brilliant food photography, beautiful layout. Some other magazine would be well advised to learn from you."

 Letter to the editor, Bettina, Ulm


Marie-Therese Humer,

Jonas Götz

Lukas Grossmann,

Maria Grossmann

Patricia Darlison,

Raik Holst,

Andrea Thode

"Dear Frisch&Gut, now it's my turn to tell you: I love your magazine. Not only that the recipes, articles and photographs are fresh, the whole magazine is sooooooooo great. Really awesome."

Letter to the editor, 
Nina, Cologne

Volker Hobl,

Robin Kranz

Ina Erdmann,

Oliver Schwarzwald

"Big thumbs up for your lovely magazine. I already cooked so many meals from it. Thank you for doing such a great job." 
Letter to the editor, Thomas, Lüneburg