Hanna means grace
and she knows it.


When you look at pet food labels, you see soulless 

cats and dogs from stock photo agencies. That's when we thought, we could use the labels for something really beneficial. Partnering with local animal shelters, we took photos of their homeless dogs, listened to their heartbreaking stories and printed them – together with the contact details on Hermann's pet food packages.

The cans were sold at REWE,

one of Germany's biggest supermarket chains.


Each story is printed at the back of
the can, so potential new owners can
read them, fall in love and contact
the shelter directly.

not yet adopted


Eddie's owner suffered from dementia

which is why she fed Eddie far too often. But since he started his diet,

the dachshund & german shepherd mix, lost 88 pounds. Yes eighty eight.

If you're interested: he can still

be adopted. 

Despite his name Lucky

hasn't been very fortunate

in life yet.


"We love the idea. People who already

have one dog are more likely to get a second

one and especially shelter dogs often need

owners that are dog experienced.
So the can is the perfect medium for that."

- W. Waggershausen,
dog owner & REWE customer -



Henry has never not wagged his tail.